Monday, February 19, 2007


I helped my parents install a ZyXEL 660H triple play modem, 320W router and a G202 USB adapter this weekend. They got it all "for free" when signing up for ADSL from Telia (ie Sweden). The modem was just to plugin. Then I connected the router by twisted-pair to my Dell and did the wizard setup. Somehow their "One-Touch Intelligent Security Technology", OTIST, got started as well which led to that neither my brothers iBook or the Dell using the G202 managed to connect (even though the network was visible but the SSID had some OTIST info string automatically appended to it). I tried to reset the security settings to No Security. But still it didn't work (network visible and no string automatically appended this time). So I started over and did a hard reset on the router. This time I choose the advanced setup and made sure to change no settings at all (since by default the radio should be on and NO security chosen). Still not working... Ok I checked the settings from top down and in Network->Wireless LAN there was a tab for MAC filter. And for some reason this was turned on to only allow the MAC addresses shown. But the list was empty. So I turned this feature off. And now everything worked at once! Both the iBook and the Dell connected effortlessly to the only wireless network in range.

So the correct steps to do this setup would be to choose advanced setup for the router, change default password and then just check the MAC settings so nothing strange is going on! Thats it! Leave everything else to default. (Observe that my parents is living on the countryside with no neighbours so thats why I'm running with zero security.)

The G202 USB adapter was a snap to install. Just follow the instructions and don't do anything to the default settings.

If I wanted to use a secure wireless network I would opt for the advanced setup as well and just change the security settings manually to WPA-PSK. I'll maybe get to try that in the future.

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