Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Psychics, Magic and Cryptology

Stumpled upon a couple of excellent blogs today thanks to GameLife!

Check out Table of Malcontents, "Wired's wonder closet of ephemera, spotlighting those highly creative misfits on the fringe of art and culture", and the posts Psychic Fraud, The Confession of james Haydrick and Million Dollar Challenge.

Table of Malcontents linked to the crypto blog Exhaustive Search, by Matt Blaze, and 27 B Stroke 6, "Your daily briefing on security, freedom and privacy in the wired world".

Table of Malcontents and 27 B Stroke 6 is hosted at Wired blogs.

And there is of course James Randi's site as well.

And yes, you are right if you think you recognized that publication number 27B/6 ...

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