Thursday, January 10, 2008


From wikipedia:

Generally, the transfer of a large quantity of information from one person to another or to a piece of paper can be referred to as a 'brain dump'.

So do you recognize having important information from co-workers saved like this? On a piece of paper that once told you all the secrets about some product or project but now, when you look at it 2 years later, it is just some boxes with random lines between them and unrecognizable text items written here and there??

So come the revolution, Braindump++ !

Imagine what it would be to once more see these boxes and lines being drawn and actually listen to the explanations that were given at the time! That is what doing brain dumps with the Livescribe smart pen will be like!

I created a really really crappy demo of the future using the Facebook app Livescribe Wall. I drew the image using my mouse. But please, don't think about how crappy it is, just compare the static image below with the one given to you when you follow the link.

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Karen said...


I’ve read your past coverage of the Livescribe smartpen and platform and wanted to share with you some exciting things that are going on at Livescribe.

We just added 3 smartpen movies on our website ( and will be adding more as we ramp up for our launch at DEMO on 1/28.

We also created a video that shows Livescribe’s commitment and dedication to solving the growing problem of “Restless Mind Syndrome”:

Hope you enjoy and feel free to pass along to others.