Thursday, November 12, 2009

SVN on Windows

SVN Server
Download windows installer
Choose an installation path without white space in it to make things easier (or remember to escape spaces in the path)
Go for svnserve for an easy setup
Run install with the above choices
Open firewall poer 3690
Verify that the user the service is running as has write access to the repository folder
Create repository (command line)
Edit ./conf/svnserve.conf and ./conf/passwd

Tortoise SVN Client
Download tortoise svn client (explorer shell extension)
Exclude folders not used for workspaces (ie Exclude paths: , Include paths: C:\svnwc\)

Started with a repository under N:\Development\SVN_Rep and in that the folder structure like pbweb/trunk/.... I.e. the repository was supposed to store several projects.

Since trac wants to match it’s projects with a specific svn repository I changed the repository layout to only one project in each repository. So now the repository is in N:\Development\SVN_Rep\projectname. And the folder structure starts with trunk/....

The server serves all repositories under N:\Development\SVN_Rep.

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