Wednesday, September 15, 2010


How to get divx/xvid playback on your LG TV (bought in Sweden).
1. Buy a cheap but great LG 37LD420 on for 3995SEK.
2. Borrow a Nokia E51 from a friend.
3. Install irRemote from Psiloc.
4. Add device TV->LG and then refresh.
5. Search for IN-START and then refresh.
6. Select mon.
7. Select the downloaded profile.
8. Press 2 on the phone and have it close to the tv.
9. Password menu pops up. Enter 0413 on tv remote.
10. Select tools option 3 using tv remote.
11. Set Divx to 1 using tv remote.
12. Press exit on the tv remote.
13. Enjoy!

For a more detailed guide check out LG TV USB IR-Hack.


corvette567 said...

Can it also play .mkv?

Alientourist said...

I haven't verified that yet! All divx in .avi that I've thrown at it so far have worked fine though!

Alientourist said...

.mkv works fine. I verified it yesterday.

René de Graaf said...

Dear Alientourist,

Could you tell me where in IrRemote I can find the right settings for my TV? Ive got a LG 37LD420.. but I cannot find the model in IR Remote.

Thanks for your help!