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My first usenet post 9/3/97

On Wednesday, September 3, 1997 9:00:00 AM UTC+2, Andreas Nilsson wrote:

I'm currently porting an Motif application that have been runnning on
SunOS  4.1.1 (X11R4 and unknown Motif version) to Solaris 2.5.1 (X11R5
and Motif 1.2).
On SunOS all the windows default size were correct, i.e. all the
buttons, scollbars etc fitted nicely in the windows as they were
created. On Solaris the windows
are created in minimum size by default (so you can't see whats in them).
The typical window is constructed of a form widget in a dialogshell
widget. Of course
the form widget then includes subwidgets in the form of buttons and
As far as I can see all the widgets are created and managed in the
correct order.

It is not an acceptable solution to set default width and height on
every window in the application.

Anyone got a clue about what I'm doing wrong ??

Thanks in advance

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