Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Perforce Essentials

If you are going to use Perforce. Read these articles first:
  1. Introducing Perforce
  2. Getting started with P4V
  3. Getting strted with P4Win
P4V review

P4V is definitely the client to prefer. The GUI manages to convey a lot more information without becoming cluttered like in P4Win.

Both the tree view and the right pane uses tabs to select view. In the tree view there is an easy to understand selection of depot or workspace view (and a dropdown for more filters). And in the right pane you can choose between file view (including a preview), history (drag and drop for diff), pending changelists, submitted changelists, branches, labels, clients(P4Win)/workspaces(P4V), users and jobs.

The file view and history view are exclusive for P4V and they make the user experience so much better than P4Win since you don't have to open dialogs all over the place!

1 comment:

vintz said...

I do prefer P4V over P4W but one thing : drag on drop of files from external file browser (Windows Explorer or Eclipse) does not work well (version 2008.2). Most of the time, it does not work at all, and from time to time, it works but only for 1 file at a time !
However using P4V AND the Eclipse Plugin do the stuff.