Friday, June 8, 2007

Tech News May edition

Alright! Quite a few interesting news items last month. Top of the list is of course the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates interview at the D5 conference, absolutely fascinating to listen to these guys! And since I'm an old Anoto guy the Livescribe presentation (also at D5) ranks of course second to that. Since Anoto are concentrating on forms processing nowadays (which is a good idea I think) and Logitech are doing absolutely nothing with the io2 product I guess it's up to Livescribe to finally take digital pens to the people! They seem to have an excellent product so I guess it's all up to marketing now... (but I do think that it would have been better with buttons on the pen to control playback instead of paper controls, the paper controls for pen properties and address books we experimented on at Anoto was always stupid). And then there were the presentation of Microsoft Surface. The interface for accessing digital data stored in devices takes it to another level than existing technologies like Perceptive Pixel. Check out the Popular Mechanics article as well. And since this is my first tech blog I must mention Microsoft Silverlight also even though it is old news now. Check out the blogs by Jim Hugunin and John Lam for all kinds of information, including the new DLR and stuff like IronPython! Silverlight will rule!

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