Friday, August 24, 2007

Google mail on w810i

Do you want to access your gmail account from your Sony Ericsson w810i mobile phone integrated mail software? (Which has the advantage over the gmail java app and web app that you can add attachments and use your gmail account for picture blogging and uploading videos via email! Sorry to say the gmail java app is a lot faster though and has a better interface in general...)

Do you get a certificate error message?

What you need to do is install some missing CA certificates. Export them from Internet Explorer and then send them to the w810i over bluetooth (that's what I did, it is uspposed to work by usb as well).

The certificates are the:
equifax cert (valid to 22/8/2018 fingerprint: d232...)
thawte premium cert from zip (fingerprint 627f...)

They can be found in InternetExplorer-> InternetOptions-> Properties-> Content-> Certificates-> Trusted Root Certificates. Just select them and export them as a DER binary.

Then you should browse to your phone in your bluetooth explorer and select the obex file transfer service for your phone. Just drop the files on the obex file transfer icon for the phone and it should transfer them and place them in the correct place automatically. If you see the Memory Stick you have browsed a level to low on the phone.

For email configuration check out the gmail instructions! (I noticed that for the email address I use the extension but not for the username. For encryption I have selected SSL and not TLS for both incoming and outgoing server.)

All information retrieved from the following post! Thanks Andy!

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