Monday, August 13, 2007

Livescribe desktop application

Well. The desktop application being demoed at D5 didn't look a lot like the one ("the penstation") shown in the sneak peak's at Livescribe's site.

And we haven't got any new information from Livescribe since D5 either. I'd say that the pr department, if any, at Livescribe should learn from Apple how to build hype. (Hint: Send me one and I'll blog about it every day the next couple of months :))

Anyway, the application demoed seems to have a nice Windows Media Player 11 look to it. Black and shiny! (Maybe that's called Vista look nowadays but I'm still running XP...) Page previews to the left and some buttons for stepping through the pages at the bottom. And some basic views, single page, two page and thumbnails.

When replaying audio a toolbar with the expected buttons pop up.

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