Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Livescribe customer relations

Livescribe seems to be betting hard on viral campaigns by using the web, fun videos, a blog and a presence on Facebook. Sorry to say the Facebook forums as well as the comments section on the Livescribe blog are strangely absent of Livescribe representatives. Hundreds (maybe thousands) of people are offering their thoughts about the product and are asking for more information but they are all ignored by Livescribe.

I understand that if you are working 100+ hours you don't have too much time to spend on tasks that don't are immediately related to the upcoming release. But I think there is a very big risk here that you are alienating your biggest fans even before you have released your product. So please let someone help Karen Lee too answer some of the comments on your forums and blog! We are dying to get some relevant information from developers as well as customer relations people.

Here is a sad example from your blogs comment section:

Mike says:
Anyway, I (kinda) can understand the delays, but what I don’t understand is why there is such a poor (potential) customer support here in the blog?

klee (Karen Lee from Livescribe) says:
We read all your blog comments and want to thank you for your patience and support. We also understand your frustration and hear your concerns about the shipping date for Pulse.

We are still planning to start shipping by March 31st. Anyone who has preordered the Pulse smartpen will be sent an email with instructions to complete your purchase in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for your comments, suggestions and ideas.

what?! says:
Klee…You’ve served to do nothing except state the equivalent of “let them eat cake”

We read your blog comments….but we don’t care
We hear your concerns….but are doing nothing about them
We are still planning to start shipping by March 31st….but won’t offer any details on progress
Thanks again for your comments…but we’ve ignored them and not replied to a single suggestion

Goodbye LiveScribe…maybe when you mature

Update! Update! Update!
If you (ie. Livescribe) need a person for professional and sincere Livescribe evangelism I hope you know who to contact?! ;)

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Ryan Johnson said...

I’ve read your blog post of the Pulse smartpen and wanted to share some new commercial and demo videos that we just uploaded to the Livescribe YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/nevermissaword

Thanks, and enjoy the videos!