Sunday, March 30, 2008

Livescribe is shipping!


Congratulations to the Livescribe team! I had my doubts about that shipping date due to the lack of updates from Livescribe but they seem to have made it. Even though it is in "limited volume".

So now I just want to ask the selected ones that get a Pulse in the next week(?) or so, post a review! And unboxing on youtube of course!

Thanks! And once more, congratulations to the Livescribe team!


Anonymous said...

LiveScribe is telling EVERYONE who ordered on the 31st of March that the ship date is 4-6 weeks. They are setting expectations at this point so you don't look for it tomorrow.

Bottom line: The Pen is not ready to ship yet and will not be ready until mid-April, Early May. They can not hold CC information for longer than 4-6 weeks so 1) they see what the TRUE demand is and 2) they get to delay AGAIN but hide it under the prospect of "Placing an Order"

BTW, they are censoring their blogs and some posts are not appearing....

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? I ordered on 4/1 and received it last Tuesday. Just because you didn't get yours doesn't mean everyone didn't.

Fact of the matter is that if you don't work for Livescribe, or know someone that does, you have no clue what the "bottom line" is.

Hence, pure speculation.

I'm addicted to this pen already. I'm in constant meetings everyday and it makes it so much easier to review notes and send out minutes. You'll see - it's worth the wait 10 times over!