Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Consumer development for Logitech io2 and Anoto pens in general

Is there anyone out there developing any consumer/end-user stuff for the io2 pen or Anoto pens in general? And documenting it on the internet? Blogs, sites or newsgroups?

The only source i've found (except the user forums at Logitech) are Scott Hanselman's posts at his blog and Coding4Fun.

Logitech io2 Pen - .NET Support
Blogging with the Logitech io2 Digital Pen

I've you know anyone else (privately) working with the io2 (or any other Anoto pen) add a comment please!

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Frank said...

Yea, I'm also looking for people who are developing apps for digital pens - particularly Java apps. It looks like Anoto's got this locked down...